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The Science Behind Blue Light Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses have gathered alot of attention recently, driven by the fact that our screen time is rising and people are starting to notice the effects. Read on to find out more about current research examining them and the controversy surrounding them.

blue light glassesBlue Light Glasses Study

In a recent study published in the journal Ophthalmology, researchers presented participants with two different sets of eye examinations. One group had on blue light lenses and the other group did not. The participants were asked to look at a computer monitor for an extended period of time and engage in a number of activities. While looking at the monitor, the researchers measured eye movements and the amount of time it took for each eye to the items presented on screen. Researchers found that when the participants viewed the screen using the pair of blue lenses, it took them less time to make their eyes adapt to the new information than it did when they weren’t wearing the glasses. This study is important to those individuals who use screens alot on a daily basis can keep their eyes in top shape using these special glasses.

What About Prescription Glasses?

If you wear normal prescription glasses, blue light lenses may be beneficial if you spend a lot of time on devices such as computers and tablets. Blue light filtering lenses can be used with any prescription lens, and you can try them for several months before you decide if they are suitable for you. There are even some prescription glasses that contain a slight blue light filter, but these are not the same as true blue blockers. You should talk to your eye doctor if you are concerned about blue light and look for some lenses that have blue light blockers built into them.

Who Needs Screen Glasses?

Many people, including many physicians, recommend blue light lenses for people who must frequently use computers and devices that emit blue light. They can be particularly useful for people who spend a great deal of time working indoors in office environments. It may not be appropriate for all situations, however, because blue light glasses can tint the colour of the screen, which is not ideal for artists and graphic designers.  Screen glasses are however very good for the following applications:

  • Gamersscreen glasses
  • Administration workers
  • Office workers
  • Teachers
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Coders
  • Producers
  • Influencers


Blue light glasses can be worn by anyone who is concerned that they may be getting too much screen time. In today’s digital age we are constantly being bombarded by information and we use lots of devices to work and communicate. Although screen glasses are relatively new, the science is looking promising that these glasses can help reduce the side effects of looking at screens.  They are available in many style and now you can buy blue light glasses online with or without prescription and get them delivered to your door.