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The Most Common Types of Windows

There are many different types of windows for other purposes. These types are commonly installed on the exterior of a house to allow natural light to enter the room, or they can be installed on an interior wall. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and custom options. They are an excellent choice for rooms with a lot of natural sunlight but don’t want the hassle of opening and closing the windows. These include UPVC sash windows, casement windows, and awning windows. Today we will check out the different types of windows available.

different types of windows

Casement windows

If you are considering purchasing casement windows or uPVC sash windows for your home, you should know that they come in many different styles. These windows operate by sliding open on a hinge, allowing you to open and close the window without the whole window. This type of window is ideal for homes that need a lot of ventilation, as it will give you control over the airflow.

Casement windows open like awning windows, typically with a large pane of glass. They allow natural light to come into your home, and they are easy to open with one hand. They also make excellent seals, which makes them a great choice for energy performance. However, you should know that casement windows are not recommended for homes with busy traffic lanes.

Awning windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows in that they are hinged windows with a crank mechanism that swings open at the bottom. Both styles utilize simple crank mechanisms that operate on top-mounted stainless steel hinges. Awning windows are most effective in rooms that need maximum ventilation. These windows also pair well with large picture windows.

These windows are ideal for areas with high walls and need windows to open at a wide angle. Awning windows are particularly useful in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and home offices, where the windows must open wider than tall. Additionally, awning windows can bring natural light into a room while maintaining privacy. They also free up wall space.

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows have several benefits, and most homeowners prefer them to single-hung windows. They are easier to maintain and offer increased ventilation. However, double-hung windows can cost up to 75 per cent more than single-hung windows. Therefore, weighing the costs against the benefits of double-hung windows is crucial to decide which is suitable for your home.

Double-hung windows are very versatile. Because their sashes open on opposite sides, they can be easily cleaned from inside the home. Furthermore, they can be tilted inwards and outwards. In addition, double-hung windows allow for increased ventilation, and you can install screens to reduce drafts.

Picture windows

Picture windows are a common choice for homes. Their fixed design allows for greater energy efficiency than other types of windows. In addition, totalling insulated gas windows can further improve the energy efficiency of these windows. However, they may not be ideal for some homeowners who may not want a broad view of their home’s exterior or are concerned about security.

Picture windows come in a variety of styles and types. Picture windows often feature large glass expanses, making them a popular choice for rooms that require ample natural light and unobstructed views. They are also among the most energy-efficient windows, with no moving parts and a tight seal.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows can be a popular choice for a wide range of rooms. They provide easy ventilation and allow sunlight to enter the home. They are also known to be inexpensive and easy to use. As a result, they are often used in high-rise buildings, where accessibility is essential.

Sliding windows come in two types: double-hung windows, with both the top and bottom sashes sliding horizontally. Both double-hung and sliding windows are excellent ventilators and are available in virtually every room. Sliding windows have the added benefit of being easy to operate and sturdy. They are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and first-floor living spaces.