Teaching in 2021

When the COVID virus completely disrupted learning all across the world, it made many teachers and institutions question the current state of learning. We had to adapt to immense change and faced many challenges in how to practise the art of teaching through a camera lens. Over the years, there has been a great deal of debate about which teaching techniques are effective and which ones should be abandoned in favour of modern approaches. While there certainly is room for discussion about what should or shouldn’t be taught in a traditional classroom, the facts are that the vast majority of teaching methods taught in most schools around the country are considered “traditional” by today’s standards. The global pandemic highlighted this for teaching organisations all across the world.

One Size Does Not Fit Alllearn

The first thing to remember when considering teaching techniques is that there is no one ideal method that works for all people, settings, or topics. That being said, however, there are a number of unique ideas that are used more frequently than others. For instance, many teachers favour a one-on-one approach to learning for kids that struggle. Some of the more innovative ideas for modern teaching methods center around individualized learning experiences, where students learn about a certain topic in an engaging way.

Technology in The Classroomteaching

One of the more innovative and exciting advantages of modern teaching methods is the integration of technology into the classroom. Instead of using rows of whiteboards, teachers can use interactive whiteboards that allow them to show PowerPoint presentations or videos, or even take advantage of a variety of audio features. Now we can give whole classes tablets and help them find more autonomy in their learning, helping to develop them for the future.

learnFlexibility is Key

One of the biggest advantages of modern teaching methods is that they allow for greater flexibility in how the lessons are delivered. Instead of being bound by the guidelines laid out by the Department of Education, school districts are able to choose which lessons and subjects to teach, how they will be delivered, and how they will be reinforced. This flexibility allows students and teachers to meet each other’s needs, as well as growing learning environments that accommodate new ways of learning.


As you can see, there are many advantages of teaching through a modern teaching methodology. These various methods provide opportunities for students to learn new things, and they also allow teachers to develop more engaging learning environments. They are flexible, allow for unique development, and are incredibly useful in meeting the educational needs of students and their parents. If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your classroom, consider incorporating one or all of the above techniques. With a little imagination, you can create an innovative and fun environment for learning.