How to Prepare for a Drug and Alcohol Test: Things You Should Know

Alcohol consumption at parties gives pleasure until you don’t need to go for any drug and alcohol test. There is no party without alcohol and drugs, but if you know that you might have to do a drug and alcohol test after the weekend then it is best to stay away from it or ensure that you take all the possible measures to detoxicate your body before the test day. And let’s not forget about the fact that apart from causing problems at work, drugs and alcohol consumption is also harmful to our health, leading to liver and kidney failure. And yes, people are ready to risk and trade their health and reputation for quick relaxation and fun nights out. The chances of having to pass a drug and alcohol test at work are pretty high, as now more companies have added this to their policy because of the recent studies pointing to billions lost in low productivity due to drug use and healthcare costs. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the risks and ways to pass the alcohol and drug screening. 

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Most Common Reasons To Conduct A Drug and Alcohol Test

If you are not an alcohol addict, but someone who enjoys alcohol on the weekends, you still should know and be mindful of the risks and be aware of the most common reasons you might have to get a  drug and alcohol test! Following are some reasons you might be subjected to an alcohol screening procedure:

Legal Matters


According to statistics, drug addicts and people that tend to consume alcohol in excess are involved in criminal activities more often than people who do not engage in such behaviours. Hence, if a person faces a legal case or is suspected of being involved in any unlawful activity, the judicial orders may order him to take a drug and alcohol test. In the case, these substances are found in the body, the defendant is already perceived as a negative persona and will have fewer arguments to defend himself. The judicial system is not tolerable toward drug and alcohol addicts and the jury might be biased from the beginning of the case.

Medical Complication


Alcohol damages the liver and kidneys and leads to these vital organs’ failures. If the situation worsens, the person may need an organ transplant.

But there is a limitation while operating a person for an organ transplant. The person cannot be an alcohol addict, otherwise, the surgery cannot be performed.

Workplace Restriction


Many companies have workplace drug and alcohol tests that are used to make decisions about hiring an applicant or promoting, so either way, if you want to have a successful career you need to stay healthy and avoid drugs and alcohol. Employers know that a drug addict or drug consumer cannot give his best shot., and therefore they try to eliminate such candidates at any cost. 

In addition, there are chances of violence in the workplace. There is a zero-tolerance policy from government and private firms in some countries on alcohol consumption. 

The goodwill of a company is everything for success. Hence, CEOs cannot risk handing over the reputation of their brand to a person who has zero control over his body.

Factors that Affect the Alcohol Level in Human Body


Like other fluids, alcohol also enters the stomach and gets absorbed in the blood from the small intestine. Certain factors then decide how long alcohol will stay in your body. Some of them are as follows:

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Bodyweight
  • Liver Condition
  • Renal Functionality

Among the factors mentioned above liver, and renal functionality matter the most! The liver is responsible for metabolizing toxic compounds in the body and converting them into less toxic products. Similarly, kidneys play a part in the excretion of those products. 

How To Pass A Drug And Alcohol Test?

Like most drugs, alcohol will remain in your system longer with habitual or chronic use.

  • The best way to prepare yourself for a drug and alcohol test is to not consume any. But if this is not an option, then the best thing to do is to avoid using those drinks with a higher concentration of alcohol. You can dilute the percentage by adding Soda or water as well.
  • The faster the metabolism of alcohol, the more rapid will be the elimination of it from the body. Therefore, it’s better to be active and drink lots of fluids the next days after consumption.
  • Eating meat and a proteinaceous diet helps in the reduction of alcohol absorption.

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Final Verdict

This post is intended to help people looking for ways to eliminate or bring the level of booze in their bodies within the permissible range.

Now you know how you can turn your alcohol test from getting positive to negative by natural means. But it doesn’t give you a valid reason to keep drinking the poisonous fluid.