Health & Wellbeing – Why Damp Proofing Is Important

A damp proofing in construction or damp proofing in home building is a kind of moisture barrier applied to concrete floors, walls, and even framing to prevent water from penetrating into the interior areas. Dampness issues are among the commonest issues encountered in new residences. This problem is usually caused by condensation that forms on the ceiling and walls when the temperature changes. The moisture then accumulates on these surfaces, causing dampness and giving a musty odor to the surrounding rooms. If not dried immediately, this can damage the structure of the house, and pose health risks to the occupants.

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How To Apply Damp Proofing

There are two kinds of damp proofing techniques – above-ground and below-ground. The above-ground system is used on the ground level and consists of numerous partitions composed of concrete panels. They are connected to each other by flexible pipes that serve as the connection points for the damp proofing membrane. The system is simple yet effective as it does not permit the formation of cracks on the concrete surface. The installation takes only a few hours, and can prevent people living in the house from developing breathing problems and becoming run down.

The below-ground system on the other hand involves creating an imprint of a wooden deck on the upper surface of the concrete walls. This is done by inserting a continuous wooden piece into the imprinted groove, which forms a sort of lip over the concrete wall. These methods are not only time-consuming but also costly, especially if the required materials are expensive. The additional costs of damp proofing in addition to the repair work may be much higher. Moreover, these methods are not considered 100% effective as they do not provide complete insulation and waterproofing against condensation or water leaks.

Besides damp proofing the floors, the walls, and the ceilings, another option is to utilize a special moulded solution. This is a special system that is capable of keeping damp walls and ceilings dry. Unlike other systems, this one can be installed within a day without any additional expenses. In fact, the entire process will only take two days if carried out properly. The moulds are made from a special acrylic formula that is capable of providing excellent insulation against moisture and also acts as a water resistant.

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If the damp proofing of the interior walls and ceilings fails to keep the interiors dry, the situation might worsen with time. In such a scenario, it is advisable to opt for an efficient dehumidifier. It will help you control the humidity level within the house. The moisture in the atmosphere tends to collect on the moist walls or ceilings and spread to other parts of the building. In worst cases, the water may also seep into the drywall and damage them severely. Therefore, it is important that you find a quick remedy to fix this problem.

For the best results, it is recommended that you hire professionals who can perform damp proofing services around 100 percent accurately. There are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the right company. First, make sure that they have trained and certified personnel. Second, find out whether they have the latest equipment and technology to do the job effectively.