vcr to dvd

Converting Old Psychology VCR to DVD

The psychology literature has not changed much over the last 50 years or so, but the training tools we use have certainly come on leaps and bounds. We now have access to the internet and can share information in seconds, and interact on a whole new level that before. That being said, there are things we can learn from some of the older resources that are still lying around, which is the main reason we decided to convert some old psychology classroom videos that we had in our possession. We thought that this would be a good subject to cover in our weekly blog so here it is.

vcr to dvd

What is VCR to DVD Conversion?

With the advent of high definition (HD) television, many people are discovering the advantages of owning both a standard DVD player and an advanced video camera/webcam capable of capturing high quality video. For these people, the ideal solution would be a combination of the two – a VCR with a DVD player that functions as a perfect home theater. Best of all, by making use of a VCR to DVD converter, these aspiring home film producers can save a lot of money while acquiring the video equipment they need to create their masterpieces.


A Dying Medium

Although most people forget about the classic VHS tapes when they first got home video systems, the technology was far from obsolete. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The VCR represented a revolutionary advance in home video as it allowed households to capture their own video recordings and transfer them to VHS tape for storage and future use. Like a modern home theater system, these early VCRs had only a single tuner that allowed each user to record one video file. However, by adding an extra tape in the line, users could record two or more video files without the cost of running additional wires throughout their homes.

As time went on, improvements to the VCR saw the addition of a tape recorder, which allowed recording tapes to be erased and stored in an external device. A few years later, a second major improvement to the VCR arrived with the addition of a second screen – the VCR monitor. While the VCR was updated again to incorporate a larger monitor, this time around users were able to view multiple images on one screen. This meant that instead of viewing a single image on the small VCR screen, they were able to view a series of still images by pulling up a separate screen. This would prove to be the precursor to the modern format of VCR to DVD.

vhs dvd combo

The VHS DVD Combo

With the advent of VCRs that contained both a video cassette recorder and a blank DVD recorder, consumers could now import their own VHS tapes into their personal computers and begin recording their own home movies. The VHS format used at this point was relatively simple, but the addition of a DVD burner made it compatible with the vast majority of computers. The DVD burners that came with early VCRs made it possible to convert the VHS into its digital equivalent, making it possible to play video and audio recordings on their computer instead of using a VCR.