Teaching in 2021

When the COVID virus completely disrupted learning all across the world, it made many teachers and institutions question the current state of learning. We had to adapt to immense change and faced many challenges in how to practise the art of teaching through a camera lens. Over the years, there has been a great deal …

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What Is Depth Psychology

Depth psychology refers to the study and practice of this science of the psyche, encompassing both clinical psychology and neuropsychology. It is further defined as the psychical theory, which explores the relationship between both the conscious and the unconscious mind, and the various patterns and dynamics of the human brain. In depth psychology, we do …

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house plants

House Plants Good For Your Health

The debate over indoor and outdoor house plants rages on. There are those who believe that house plants only provide aesthetics, without any real environmental benefits. Others swear by the positive effects that growing herbs, perennials, and seasonal flowers have on the overall atmosphere. Plants can be great additions to your home, but they can …

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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a blend of psychology, medicine, and clinical experience for the purpose of promoting personal growth, understanding, and preventing or curing psychologically-based emotional distress or dysfunction. As the most widely researched area of psychology, clinical psychology has become increasingly more important with the development of psychological science in recent decades, with a greater …

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Mental health issues: anxiety, depression

Mental Health Disorders – part II

Parents: overprotective and inattentive There is a barrier imposed by parents. Few people dare to face, treat and share the problem that their children have. This arises from two totally opposite behaviors that parents can have: those who overprotect their children and are on top of them like helicopters, and those who, on the contrary, …

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Mental health issues

Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, OCD and addictions. These are, among others, the mental disorders that plague one in three Argentines and that, despite the fact that the vast majority are treatable, it is essential to know and detect them in order to treat them in time. Having an accurate knowledge of these conditions is …

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